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China CDM Fund uses grants to support activities for climate change capacity building and promotion of public awareness. Since 2008, China CDM Fund has committed RMB 495 million of grants to support 232 projects, covering climate change policy research, capacity building and public awareness.

Grants support climate change related undertakings as follows: policy research and academic activities; international climate cooperation activities; training programs for capacity building; promotion of public awareness; other items serving the purpose of CDM Fund.

Grant applicants shall be institutions working on climate change in China with certain research or training capabilities.

Grants are managed by contract. The contracts will be signed by NDRC, project applicant and China CDM Fund Management Centre.

NDRC, CDM Fund and project applicant will be responsible for monitoring and verifying the project as well as project acceptance. NDRC and Ministry of Finance will penalize any illegal behaviors in this process.

Rights of project-based research or other outputs should be owned by the government and project applicant.

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