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Management Center

China CDM Fund Management Centre is responsible for the daily administration of the Fund, as well as the collection, management and use of the funds and is affiliated to Ministry of Finance.

1. Management 

Jiao Xiaoping, Director General

Mo Xiaolong, Deputy Director General

Han Bin, Deputy Director General

Wang Ning, Deputy Director General

2. Departments

The Management Centre has 7 departments: the General Office (the HR Department), Promotion and Development Department, Project Investment Department, Risk Control Department, Information Management Department, Financial Department and Policy Research Department. 

Department Functions: 

(1)General Office (the HR Department)

Circulation of official document, personnel management, legal affairs, foreign affairs, logistics and Party building

(2)Promotion and Development Department

Assist in selecting the fields where PPP applies and choosing appropriate PPP models; make standardized procedures for PPP projects; promote PPP demonstration projects; provide technical support to the government and private capital on the identification, preparation, procurement, implementation and handover of PPP projects; cooperate with financial institutions at home and abroad to facilitate the fund raising of PPP projects. 

(3)Project Investment Department

Development, investment and management of CDM investments; also the Secretariat of the Investment Review Committee of CDM Fund

(4)Risk Control Department

Construction of the risk prevention and control system of PPP Centre; risk control and performance management of PPP projects; risk control and performance management of Investments of CDM Fund and cash investment; also the Secretariat of the Risk Management Committee of Investments of CDM Fund

(5)Information Management Department

Operation and maintenance of the websites of CDM Fund and PPP Centre, and project libraries and expert database management; preparation of PPP annual report and CDM Fund annual report as well as relevant publications; information distribution and publicity

(6)Financial Department

Preparation of the budget and final account of PPP Centre; financial accounting; financial control; cash investment; assets management; collection of national revenue in CDM projects; management of grants; liaison and coordination with the Board of CDM Fund; coordination with Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange

(7)Policy Research Department

Collect domestic and foreign policies and theories and case studies on PPP; study PPP-related issues such as cost effectiveness, government procurement, budget control, risk control, financial commitment and other issues of laws and regulations; conduct policy research and business innovation in the field of CDM Fund. 

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