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China CDM Fund Management Centre conducts policy research to support the implementation of the national policies on climate change and to promote international climate cooperation. The recent work includes: 

· the research on the market mechanism facilitating the development of the energy-saving and new energy automobile industry. In 2014, under the instructions of Ministry of Finance, with the support of the Department of Climate Change of NDRC, the Management Centre conducted a systematic research of the zero emission vehicle credits trading system adopted by California, USA with the participation of domestic research institutes, consulting agencies, industry associations and enterprises. They traveled to the US to conduct a survey and exchanges with California Environmental Protection Agency, wrote a series of analysis reports, and also translated the relevant California regulations on zero and low emission vehicles. Their research results were submitted to relevant departments and organizations. In 2015, after two years’ preparation, the Management Centre translated the book USA California Zero Emission Vehicle Credits Trading System

· the research on the development and financing of the photovoltaic industry. The photovoltaic industry has an important place in the development of renewable energy. In the photovoltaic industry, market forces play an important role. Although the photovoltaic industry was hampered at some time in the past, it now maintains a strong growth momentum. In 2014, the Management Centre organized a seminar on the trends and challenges of the photovoltaic industry, which was participated by related research institutes, consulting agencies and enterprises to discuss. The outputs of the seminar were submitted to relevant departments and organizations. 

· the research on the standardization of green investment. The Management Centre actively participates in the development of green finance to promote climate financing in China. It is one of its important tasks to introduce advanced concepts and practices on green finance in the world to China. In 2015, the Management Centre, together with British Embassy in China, UK Green Investment Bank and Beijing SynTao Green Finance Co., Ltd., translated Green Investment Handbook into Chinese. As required by the British side, this book is distributed as an internal publication for the moment and has been provided to relevant ministries and commissions, local financial departments and partners of CDM Fund for their reference.

The Management Centre also attaches great importance to the application of policy research results, not only in supporting the implementation of climate change and low carbon development policies at the national level, but also in promoting relevant industrial and carbon market pilot project consulting activities. 

The Management Centre’s policy research work is actively participated and supported by domestic research institutes, consulting agencies, industrial associations and enterprises, and is also conducted in cooperation with international research institutes. For example, School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University in the city of New York has been working with the Management Center under its Capstone Program to study selected themes on promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy development through PPP model every year.

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