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Finance Bureau of Yunnan Province Held a Training on CDM Fund Concessional Loans in Kunming


Finance Bureau of Yunnan Province held a CDM Fund Concessional Loan Training in Kunming on March 3 and 4, 2017. 179 participants attended the session, including officials from the finance system at the provincial level and of all the prefectures and cities and part of the counties and districts, and the provincial development and reform commission, Technology Bureau, Department of Environment Protection, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and other related provincial departments, as well as representatives from project owners and intermediary services along with staff of the Financial Cooperation Center of the Department of Finance.

Relevant staff of the Project Investment Department and Risk Control Department of China CDM Fund Management Center (CDM Fund), Ministry of Finance were invited to provide training. They explained the policies and regulations of CDM Fund, the development of CDM Fund concessional loans nationwide as well as the preparation of the application materials, project risk assessment and risk control in relation to the concessional loans and so on. They helped the local financial department and offices, project owners and agencies clearly understand the content and procedures of the actual work process of the project application, examination and approval, post-lending management, risk control and performance evaluation.

The participants actively took part in the training. A lecturer from CDM Fund said the questions raised by the participants were profound, specialized and to the point. She spoke highly of the organizer for having invited the intermediary agencies to the training and the innovation to conduct the due diligence early in the project application and collection stage, which could help identify projects and monitor project quality to increase the success rate of project application. She also hoped that Yunnan could combine the CDM Fund concessional loans with Public-Private Partnership to explore an effective way that lead to complementary and mutual development.

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