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Environmental Protection Law adds over 50 supporting documents; green violators might be shut down and suspended


In order to implement the new Environmental Protection Law that will take effect on January 1 next year, over 50 new documents have been issued as supporting policies for the new Environmental Protection Law.

Currently, four drafts including the daily-based cumulative punishment, closure or seizure of pollution sources, production suspension punishments and environmental information disclosure have been formulated and public comments on the four drafts are invited.

According to the new policies, if the enterprises fail to reduce emission effectively during the days with heavy pollution, the polluters' equipment might be seized.

Production suspension punishment and the daily-based cumulative punishment may be combined

Ji Gang is with the Environmental Inspection Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. He said that the daily-based cumulative punishment, closure or seizure of pollution sources, production suspension punishments are interlinked with one another. If an enterprise discharges illegal and excessive pollutants, it may face the daily-based cumulative punishment and production suspension punishment at the same time.

Ji Gang said that the daily-based cumulative punishment is aimed at the illegal discharge of pollutants. When defining “illegal discharge of pollutants”, the environmental departments include procedure illegal activities. So if an enterprise constructs buildings before approval or has imperfect environmental valuation procedures, it may also face the daily-based cumulative punishment.

City-level monitoring enterprises have to release pollution discharge information

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has recently implemented the document concerning the enterprise environmental information release system, which is mainly directed against nation-level key monitoring enterprises and public institutions. For a lot of provincial and city level key monitoring enterprises, although their pollution discharge information is grasped by local environmental departments, their environmental information is not required to be released to the public.

According to document concerning the release of environmental information of the enterprises and public institutions, environmental departments at city levels and above have to announce the key pollution discharge institutions within their respective administrative region. Enterprises on the list have to release the environmental information including the discharge concentration of major pollutants, and whether it reaches the standard as well as environmental evaluation permission.

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