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XI Jinping: Spare No Effort to Solve the Problem of Haze


On June 3, 2014, President XI Jinping attended the 2014 International Conference on Engineering Science and Technology and delivered the keynote speech titled “Develop Engineering Science and Technology for the Benefit of Mankind and A Better Future”. He said we would continue implementing the strategy of sustainable development, including optimizing the territory development pattern, comprehensively promoting resource conservation and making more efforts to protect the ecological system and the environment with special attention paid to addressing a series of problems, in particular, haze to build beautiful China with blue sky, green land and clean water. He also said that we would pay high attention to improving the people’s livelihood and strive to meet the people’s needs in food, clothing, shelter and travel, education, healthcare, pension and other aspects so as to make a better life for them.


From : Economic Information Daily

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